CCTV Installation Kathmandu


Professional CCTV Camera Security Systems for Your Home or Business

Wood Land Home Solution has the security camera and video solutions you need for your home and business. There is a wide range of quality available when it comes to Kathmandu surveillance companies, camera systems and their components. At Wood Land Home Solution, we understand you have options. That’s why we’re here to help make your decision easy.

Wireless Surveillance Solutions

We provide the most advanced surveillance technology on the market, including high definition security cameras, IP cameras, online surveillance systems and more. Our home security systems are custom designed with your property in mind, so you can rest assured you’ll receive the most efficient products the surveillance industry has to offer.

  • Home Security Cameras and Surveillance Networks
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • HD Camera and Video Surveillance
  • DVR and NVR Camera Systems
  • Remote/Non-Remote Access

The Wood Land Home Solution team stands by our professionalism with every job and will always work with you directly to ensure all of your home security needs are met. Whether you’re interested in installing a brand new CCTV camera for your home or business space, wireless security solutions, or a nanny camera, Wood Land Home Solution offers a wide selection of products for 100% client satisfaction guaranteed.

At Wood Land Home Solution, our team of surveillance specialists will design the highest quality security system for your home or office that works within your budget. We install your surveillance system with expert care and precision utilizing our many years of experience and expertise in the field of surveillance and remote access.

We’re proud to offer a number of CCTV and surveillance solutions, including:

  • Home video cameras
  • Business video cameras
  • cameras with Smartphone, PC and Mac access
  • Smartphone security system and remote surveillance apps
  • Motion or macro specific activated video and notification systems
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Standalone DVR, NVR and Camera systems with or without remote access
  • Covert surveillance cameras
  • Installation of customer’s self-purchased camera systems
  • Service/Repair/Expand existing systems
  • Contact Home Automation Designers and Security Camera Technicians at Wood Land Home Solution in Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur providing CCTV home surveillance security system installations across Kathmandu ,Bhaktapur & Lalitpur. Book an appointment or call 9823704016.

High Performance Home Security and Surveillance

Wood Land Home Solution is ready to take your home or business security system to the next level. Our high-performance security and surveillance solutions are custom designed with you in mind so you can rest easy knowing your property is in the right hands.

From remote and non-remote video surveillance cameras to expert home security solutions, our technicians are available to help you install the most efficient surveillance network for your home or business.

To learn more about the services Wood Land Home Solution has to offer, contact us today at 9823704016 and discover what our team can do for you.

The Wood Land Home Solution Advantage

What you don’t know about camera systems and their differences could lead to poor quality and regret later on down the line. At Wood Land Home Solution, we educate clients on all of the differences that make each system unique, as well as provide a no-obligation estimate on our high quality and affordable surveillance and installation services.

Our Special Camera Packages

See below our current two and four-camera offerings. They represent the average residential install and are subject to occasional variances depending on the following:

  • Commercial applications often incur additional charges for conduit, longer wire runs, drilling through cement, special camera mounts, after hour installations.
  • Stucco exteriors often require conduit or longer runs to avoid drilling into older stucco.
  • Larger homes need longer wire runs and additional labor.
  • Electrical permits.
  • Upgrade to IP Packages with 3, 4 or 5 megapixel cameras
  • Specialty camera upgrades such as Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Varifocal, Multi- Channel, Vandal Resistant Domes.
  • Covert cameras and installation.

Advanced Home Security and Surveillance Systems from Wood Land Home Solution
Let Wood Land Home Solution be the solution to all of your security system and surveillance needs.

From high-performance home security cameras to digital surveillance systems, our technicians will design and install the most effective audio video security network for your home or business. Remote access, wireless security cameras, and CCTV solutions are just a phone call away.

To learn more about our audio video security and surveillance services, contact Wood Land Home Solution today at 9823704016 for more information.