Pest Control Services

#1 Rated Pest Control Experts in Kathmandu

Wood Land Home Solution is a team of accredited and licensed pest control experts in Kathmandu with more than 20 years of experience in the field of pest control. We carry out complete pest control services for homes, offices and other commercial and government buildings in and around Kathmandu.

Our highly-qualified pest control technicians with their state-of-the-art equipment and expertise are ready to solve all of your pest control worries in no time at all. Be it a termite infestation, rats in your attic, cockroaches that never seem to stop appearing or just about anything else – we would definitely be able to solve all of your pest control problems in no time at all.

In addition we employ environment friendly pesticides with minimal impact to the surrounding areas, and use a scientific approach when discharging pesticides to ensure the best results for our clients.

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Wood Land Home Solution is Kathmandu’s Preferred Pest Control Specialists

Wood Land Home Solution is a leading Pest Control service provider in Kathmandu with over 20+ years of providing customized pest control solutions for homes, offices and more. We believe that every pest control problem our clients face requires a highly customized approach and planning to ensure optimum results without causing any harm to the occupants or nature.

We specialize in dealing with and eradicating all the following pest control problems:

Termites Control

Wood Land Home Solution services would include termite eradication, termite proofing, to pre-construction, and then post construction treatment

Mosquitos Control

Wood Land Home Solution provides larvicide treatment and fogging – penetrating hard to reach areas, followed by a zone treatment, which acts as a physical barrier to deter any new mosquitos ones from entering the premises.

Rats & Rodents Control

Wood Land Home Solution solutions include mechanical proofing and sealing, and implementing effective traps and proceeding with proper rat disposal after capture.

Ants Control

Wood Land Home Solution’s expertise in ants control treatments include residual spraying, and gel baiting – which specifically target the ant species based on their preferred food options, it aims to target the breeding source directly and quickly.

Fleas Control

Wood Land Home Solution’s proven approach to eradicating fleas include getting rid of them from your premises and offering options to treat your pets as well. A successful flea control requires treatment for both your property and pets to be 100% effective.

Flies Control

Wood Land Home Solution’s proven use of our insect light traps aim at capturing flies hygienically, making this technique safe and effective no matter where it’s employed.

Bed Bugs Control

Wood Land Home Solution’s treatment methods include bed bugs residual spraying, followed by non-chemical heat treatment – ensuring that those pesky bed bugs are eradicated even in the early developmental stages.

Cockroaches Control

Wood Land Home Solution starts by spraying a targeted treatment to kill cockroaches on sight, followed by gel baiting to bring out those in hiding – resulting in a proven method that gets rid of these pesky roaches in no time at all.