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Wood Land Home Solution is a plumbing specialist that’s based in Bhaktapur with a full team of professional plumbers ready to be sent to any location within the city. The quality of our service is what many of our clients can testify to. We also work closely with members in plumbing association.

With our array of services including water pipe installation, pipe repairs, roof leaking repairwater heater installationwater tank repairwaterproofingtoilet repair and drainage cleaning we can deliver a solution to all your problems. We deliver our services anywhere in Bhaktapur with no questions asked.

Clients need not worry about the repair schedule because all our plumbers our professionals. We follow the set schedule and will be there on time. Even during plumbing service, you can expect our plumbers to be right at your door within an hour.

After our repair work is done, we will be able to give you guidance and support to make sure that the repair work will be supplemented with proper maintenance. This is all for free as a part of our consultation service and the articles available on our website.

We can help you manage your costs because we offer the best deals in Bhaktapur. Our rates are affordable per service we provide. Some of the lowest price quotes is available for our clients without compromising quality of course.

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